Five for a row-hd,free

The latest version of gobang shocking debut, burning brain upgrades, multiple modes to challenge your nerves.
   7 different difficulty ai exercise your playing strength, tips, undo function to help you win the game; the double chess Improve relationship; challenge endgame 4 modes, and gradually challenge the brain, creating a generation gobang Grandmaster!
    However, if the impression that gobang is just stay here, you're too out.The new version not only supports the ban on hand features, upgrade the difficulty, but also increase the variety of different modes of play:
    - Drag: placed at random three options box below, the elimination of an entire row or column
    - Elimination: pass play, click on the same color box to eliminate
    - Hexagon: all-round play, as long as it covered the entire line can eliminate
    - Must attack: the ball below the digital transmitter to the rotary gear, and in the process do not touch either a small ball that is considered successful clearance
    - Around eliminate: Match rotary gear and numbers under the color of the ball
    Teaching and practical two-pronged approach, a more casual puzzle game to relax tight brain, then hurry to experience it, with beautiful background music, let us embark on the road of achievement gobang master !

Price: Free
Languages: EN, FR, DE, ID, JA, KO, MS, ZH, TH, ZH, VI
Released: 2016-04-29 18:10:23
Version: 1.0
Size: 79.44 MB